Stephen Wood Music


As a wilderness composer Stephen reveals a holistic view of the world. Stephen’s love for vast wilderness landscapes has led him on a decade long wilderness composing adventure in search of inspiration from our country’s wildest places. Listen to and perform the stories of wilderness through many of Stephen’s orchestral and chamber compositions available here.


Symphony Orchestra

Absaroka: Where Crows Sing of Wildflower Love and Grizzly Queens (9:14) 2019

Red River Symphony (6:22) 2016 (featuring: Piano accompaniment and solos)

String Quartet

The Gladie Suite (12:33) 2016

King Fisher: for the gentle giant of the North (4:39) 2008

original instruments: vln, vla, vcl, bs

arrangement: standard quartet

Kalmi Latifloria (3:48) 2018

Composed as a wedding gift for my wife – Lauren. Kalmi Latifloria is the latin name for the Mountain Laurel. A most beautiful flowering Appalachian tree.

String Quintet

Viola sororia: the birth flower of February (8:29) 2013

original instruments: string quintet (vln (2), vla, vcl, bs)

arrangement: standard quartet

Two movements 2002 (12:03)

String Trio (with featured woodwind)

An Evening on Chase Prairie (4:57) 2014

Diamorpha smallii: a granite phenomenon (6:19) 2013

String Trio for Dance (14:46) 2004


Clarinet Trio

Woodwind Quartet

Roadless (5:28) 2015

The Shy Maiden: a single delight, moneses uniflora (5:56) 2013

Yawning of the River for the depths and braids of the Yukon (5:28)

Woodwind Sextet

Digital Transgressions (8:19) 2002

original instruments: fl, ob, eh, Bb cl, b. cl, bsn

I. cellutricity (3:32)

II. a lost land (4:47)

Mixed Ensemble

Untrammeled: a point of view from Slaven’s bluff (6:06) 2014

original instruments: afl, vln, bass, glockenspiel, and ride cymbal. null null

The Plains of Murie (6:21) 2017

original instruments: string quartet and percussion. arrangement: vln, (2), vla, null

Dabae and the River Beauty (8:24) 2013

Variations on the Theme of Alicia (9:08) 2009


Celestial Seasons (17:06) 2015/2016 – cello

Cumberland Piano Suite 2017 – elementary/intermediate piano