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film scoring

Composing for Film is a focus where Stephen pursues a core passion of telling stories through music. Working with filmmakers to support their film’s story, characters, and creative vision is the essence of Wood’s intention for creating an original film score.

Film Cue Samples

Buffering …
  • “Personal Conquest” – athletic symphony, strong competitive build

  • “A Forest Walk” – ethereal calm ambient synth orchestra

  • “Money Strut” – 1970’s Blaxsploitation funk vibe.

  • “Tombstone Waltz” – A Hallow’s Eve Symphony Orchestra

  • “In the Darkness” – sci-fi/horror underscore, distorted synth waves

  • “Scammers” – electric organ blues band, dirty triplets, classic riffs.

  • “Prissy Pizzicato” – Light goofy string orchestra, all pizzicato

  • “Kung Pao Krunk” – zombie fusion club band

  • “Ice Rays” – ambient piano, epic fantasy orchestra

  • “We Got It” – funk organ quartet, solid rhythm, funky wah sound.

  • “So Funny I Dropped My Arms” – easy listening fusion groove

  • “An Innocent Spark” – easy listening latin underscore

  • “Crystal Lake” – 1970/80’s Horror/Sci-fi throwback

  • “Heated Exchange” – dark eery atmosphere, building tension, release

  • “Remembering” – ambient orchestra, grief into light and hope.

  • “Marco Polo” – sci-fi/horror theme, dark synth layers, echoing voices

  • “Under the Sheets” – sci-fi/horror theme, dark ghostly dreamscape

  • “The Mentor” – piano and orchestra, a gentle sadness

  • “Carl’s Dream” – an athlete’s symphony, in-the-zone ambience, powerful brass, final hit

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